official rules

1. Boats must be made only from the materials on the materials list. If, upon inspection, the boat has been made with illegal materials it will be disqualified from the race and any other competition associated with the regatta. Entry fees will not be refunded.

2. No contact of vessels or splashing of water during the race.

3. No motors, that could be used to power the vessel, may be used during the competition.

4. All participants must wear approved Coast Guard life preservers.

5. Boats in Adult and Youth Open are restricted to a maximum of two (2) occupants. Business, Industry, and Church/Civic will be allowed up to eight (8) occupants per boat.

6. The Team Captain is responsible for the behavior of the team.

7. All judges decisions are final, there will be no protests.

8. During the competition, all crew must be in the boat. No towing, holding it between your legs, or using the life jacket to provide flotation.

9. NO ALCOHOL. Judges reserve the right to disqualify any competitor they deem impaired.

10. No animals are allowed in the vessels for the race.

11. Boats must be free of sharp edges, or other hazards.

12. Passenger area must not be enclosed above the shoulders of the smallest crewman during the competition.

13. Boat Dimensions – Boats will not exceed 15 feet in length from bow to stern, any boat in question will be measured and disqualified if over this length.

14. Registration and Judging – All boats must be registered and present by 9:30am the day of the race. If the boats are not on site they will be disqualified from award eligibility. The committee has the right to inspect the boat for illegal materials prior to or at the conclusion of a race. Any boat found using illegal materials will be disqualified from any and all participation in the regatta.

15. Races – Check in begins at 11:30am in the boat ramp area at McGregor Park and the regatta will start promptly at 1:00pm. All boats will be launched from the courtesy boat dock at McGregor Park. All races will be run in timed heats and the fastest time in each class will be declared the winner. Each boat will be assigned a number to placed on the bow (right side) of the boat. All results reported from the timers are official, and there will be no protests.

16. Boat launch area is for vessel drop off only. Vehicles and trailers must be parked off site after unloading.

17. Disposal of boats – All boats and parts of boats are to be disposed of properly by the Team Captain or team members. If a boat sinks, all debris is to be removed immediately from the river.

18. Hold Harmless Agreement – Every competitor in the regatta will be required to sign a hold harmless agreement and the regatta registration form. If these forms are not complete when the boat registration is submitted, they will not be allowed to participate.